How to Easily Make Money with Instagram

There’s no doubt that Instagram is a fantastic social tool; but how is it as a platform to make money? Well, it’s absolutely fantastic as a monetization tool and used by many internet marketers to generate leads. Some may be utilizing Instagram for drop shipping, some use it to sell from their own, real-world businesses, but what I am going to talk about today is how money is made from Instagram using simple CPA (Cost per Action).

CPA is an extremely effective way of online monetization and when paired with Instagram it can be an out-and-out goldmine.

Creating a CPA Account and Setting it up

There’s many different CPA websites out there, each with their own benefits. Over the last ten years, I have managed to split-test a number of these and weed out the weak. In conclusion, I found the website to be the most profitable and the easiest to use, to boot. So, to start with head on over CPAGrip and create and account.

Once your account has been created, click “my offers” and choose an offer that stands out to you. The lower-paying ones always convert more (which means pay out) so it’s better to get an abundance of these, rather than one or two from the higher-paying tier.

When you clicked on the offer, you would have been presented with a link. Copy this link and then head on over to to shorten it. This will make it look less spammy when it comes to the next step and will consequently get more clicks.

Armed with your shortened link, head on over to Instagram and make a new account. Call it a name pertaining to your chosen offer (freeWallmartGiveaway, BurgerKingFoodFree, WinPetCoVouchers etc.). Type some generic text into the bio field about your offer. Make it sound as legitimate as possible and include some emojis at the end, as per the Instagram way. Place your link in the “Website” field and you’re now good to go.

All you need to do now is get your profile seen. This is best accomplished by making images about your offer and tagging as many people as possible. Use around 30 hashtags in your post and don’t forget those all-important emojis.

To increase the credibility of your profile, you could always go down the route of purchasing followers from websites such as PROFollower. When you buy Instagram followers, your profile looks instantly more scrupulous and you will find the conversions increasing as more and more people will find they can trust your profile. Nothing look more like spam than a profile with 0 followers trying to tell you to complete and offer, so this is highly recommended. A good number of sites allow you buy instagram followers with credit card.
Now, it’s time to play the waiting game. You will fast notice and increase to your “views” on CPA grip. If there’s not many people clicking then you need to refine your posting. Change the imagery to something more catchy and review how you are pitching your offer.